What Pillow Should I Put on a Wedge? FAQ

What Pillow Should I Put on a Wedge? FAQ

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What Pillow Should I Put on a Wedge? FAQ

So you finally bought your wedge pillow. You’re ready for a new world of being acid reflux free. However, you’re wondering to yourself, “what pillow should I put on a wedge?” We used to tell customers to go ahead and used their regular pillows to do so. Yet, after speaking with many loyal customers on the phone, we realized their was a problem with this process. Regular top pillows have a tendency to:

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These uncomfortable factors can make it much more difficult to experience the full benefits of a wedge pillow. In our case, the Miracle Wedge Pillow. Why invest in such a great product yet hinder yourself from the benefits with a cheap top pillow? After conducting further research, we discovered the issues within regular pillows that cause these issues on a wedge. Remember, if you can’t remain firmly and comfortably rested within your pillow, buying a wedge won’t be much use.

We have finally discovered the solution to theses problems for wedge sleepers. The solution is the new Miracle Wedge Top pillow. Keep reading a see exactly how we use the latest technology and highest quality materials to combat acid reflux on a wedge pillow.

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Top creates a perfect combination of comfort, quality, and stability for the wedge sleeper. Using diamond-cut air hole technology  through out the pillow, natural airflow is created to allow the sleeper to remain cool and comfortable through out the night.

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Top’s ECO memory foam is made 100% in the USA. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and money back guarantee.

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Individual comfort nodes hold each sleeper in place to provide maximum stability.

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Wedge Top, Naked

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There you have it. Search no more. Miracle wedge Top is the perfect solution for all wedge sleepers to remain comfortable and secure in their wedge pillow. If you have any questions, visit us at SavorSleep.com and give us a call!


Ford Smith (Head of Sales and Social Media at SavorSleep.com). 

“My mission is to help our Miracle Wedge customers receive the best night’s sleep of their lives.” 

Ford Smith

About the Writer

Along with writing for our blog, Ford Smith serves as the head of Sales and Marketing for SavorSleep.com here in Naples, FL. Beginning his work while still attending the University of Kentucky, his expertise is in one-on-one customer interaction and advertisements for our latest products. Ford is a passionate entrepreneur, having started his own iPhone application company which will debut in early January 2016. He loves art, philanthropy, and travel. Ford has been a wonderful member to have on our team, and we can’t wait to see what new exciting ideas he will continue to bring to our organization.      –Taylor Smith, founder of SavorSleep.com

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