Why is Memory Foam Good? (FAQ)

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Why is Memory Foam Good? (FAQ)

While memory foam is gaining more headwind than ever before, some skeptics still ask, “why is memory foam good?” This is a reasonable question, you have every right to know what you are laying your head on every night! Let’s get straight to the root of “why is memory foam good.” Better yet, great!

First off, memory foam has a special ability compared to many other materials to shape itself according to your particular body type. Other pillows such as latest or cotton can become misshaped and lumpy. This is really bad for the sleeper, not only in terms of discomfort- but neck problems as well. Trust me, I know! I slept with terrible pillows most of my life until I realized how much it was affecting my sleep. Quality memory foam perfectly conforms to your body and consistently returns to its original shape. It will never lose its “memory” of how your neck, head, and shoulders need to be cradled for your particular shape.

The second reason of “why is memory foam is good” is because of the ability of companies to implement new technologies within the foam in the form of shape and features within the pillow. Unlike traditional pillows, memory foam has the incredible ability to be shaped and cut exactly how pillow engineers require. Take, for instance, Savor Sleep’s Miracle Wedge Top. Top’s design could have never been achieved without the precision engineering and design which memory foam material can provide. Using diamond-cut drill bits, Top’s surface and interior is pierced with tiny holes applied to specific areas of the pillow to achieve maximum airflow for the sleeper during the night. This would be impossible with regular pillows. Another point of technology within the Top is its individual comfort nodes. These nodes composed of numerous square cubes, which stabilize the sleeper to an extent that was never possible before. This is especially relevant in terms of using it in sync with our premier Miracle Wedge Pillow. 

Lastly, consider the material itself. Memory foam can be manufactured to meet all expectations of hypoallergenic, ECO-friendly, quality-controlled material that is as and healthy for people to use as it is comfortable. Remember, it needs to be manufactured in the USA for superior quality control. We have done extensive research on memory foam that is being manufactured around the world, and were horrified at how poorly the products are made. China is the worst as far as quality goes, hands down. When first starting our company, we wanted to see exactly what kind of memory foam was coming from the east. I will never forget receiving my first “memory foampillow from China. Immediately upon opening the box, the pillow smelled like dozens of chemicals mixed together and sprayed directly on the pillow. Oh, the smell was awful! I felt like I had just walked into a cancerous nightmare.

However, there are manufacturers who really have done their homework, and most of these manufacturers reside in the United States. Here is yet another reason of “why is memory foam good.” Our memory foam, made right here in the southern United States, is built with top quality and precision. Look around..search as you will, you won’t find a company with more of a commitment to quality in our memory foam. After working with manufacturers on our own turf, it became apparent that we needed to do everything possible to build on American soil. This means quality control, easy improvement, and innovations for our wonderful customers. Recent advances in technology have allowed our company to make continuous improvements to the foam even on a molecular level. Whether it is density optimization, shaped improvements, or gel-infusion for temperature control, our industry never stays stagnate! Our mission is to help our Miracle Wedge customers receive the best night’s sleep of their lives. Why is memory foam good? How could it not be.




Ford Smith (Head of Sales and Social Media at SavorSleep.com). 

“My mission is to help our Miracle Wedge customers receive the best night’s sleep of their lives.” 


“Along with writing for our blog, Ford Smith serves as the head of Sales and Marketing for SavorSleep.com here in Naples, FL. Beginning his work while still attending the University of Kentucky, his expertise is in one-on-one customer interaction and advertisements for our latest products. Ford is a passionate entrepreneur, having started his own iPhone application company which will debut in early January 2016. He loves art, philanthropy, and travel. Ford has been a wonderful member to have on our team, and we can’t wait to see what new exciting ideas he will continue to bring to our organization.”     –Taylor Smith, founder of SavorSleep.com




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