Why is Miracle Wedge better than other wedges on the market?

The Miracle Wedge is 100% HD Support Memory Foam. It supports through the Torso and sustains the gradual slope for spine support. It maintains the support required to work at 7” while providing a luxury memory foam feel.


Do I have to sleep on my back to receive the benefits?

 No, you can sleep on your side or your back. The results are the same through a sustained supportive slope.


Does the Miracle Wedge have a cover?

 Yes, the Miracle Wedge comes with a zippered, removable, and washable dense thread cover.


 My allergies are bad. Will Miracle Wedge effect me?

No, Miracle Wedge comes with natural hypoallergenic foam and cover.


 May I use my own pillow with the Miracle Wedge?

Yes, you may easily place your personal pillow on the Miracle Wedge for uninterrupted sleep.



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